A community-based law firm serving businesses and individuals with real estate transactions, corporate law legal needs and planning for the future.

Our Firm Helps Wimberley And Canyon Lake Businesses Thrive

One of the best things you can do to set your business up for long-term success is to do strategic legal planning with attorneys who understand you, your business model and the community you serve. At Stevens & Malone, PLLC, we do exactly that.

At our firm, our team of legal professionals is committed to making Wimberley, Canyon Lake and the surrounding communities better places to live through strong advocacy and time-tested legal service. You are our neighbor, and we are here to serve you. Talk to us today at 512-847-9277.

Your Legal Choices Are More Important Than You May Think

We support our community businesses by offering legal services such as:

  • Creating businesses, including drafting your formation documents, explaining what your entity choices are and walking you through your business’s basic legal needs
  • Drafting an ownership agreement that will protect you and your co-owners throughout the life of your business, including in the event of death, divorce, disability and even bankruptcy
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts for the sale and purchase of a business, including adapting any pre-existing contracts relevant to the business
  • Closing business sale and purchase transactions

Your success as a business is deeply intertwined with the legal world, even if your profits are mostly dependent on customers and retail foot traffic. Contracts with suppliers, your commercial lease and your very business formation are all critical legal moments that will determine your business growth and longevity. With over a decade of experience, our attorneys have the tools you need.

Speak With Us

Our attorneys live and work just down the road, and we are proud to support the development of Central Texas businesses. Reach us by phone at 512-847-9277 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.