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Helping Our Neighbors Age With Grace And Peace Of Mind

At Stevens & Malone, PLLC, we believe in strengthening our community, and we believe that our neighbors deserve to feel confident in their end-of-life care and their estate needs.

Our legal professionals have years of experience establishing estate plans and care plans for our neighbors in Central Texas. Let us give you the benefit of experience and compassion. Call us today at 512-847-9277.

How Can We Help?

Our firm works in specific areas of estate planning that can support your needs in a different way. Our work includes:

·        Creating wills: A will is an ideal way to specify what should happen to your minor children, your home and your assets after you pass. When written properly, your loved ones will have specific and clear instructions on your wishes.

·        Establishing powers of attorney: A power of attorney (POA) names a person or persons who can make decisions on your behalf. This may include a general POA, which names someone who can make decisions in any area; a durable POA, which names someone who can make decisions in a specific area, like your medical or financial life; or a springing POA, which activates if you are suddenly incapacitated.

·        Creating health care directives: A health care directive gives instructions on how to care for you medically and what interventions you are comfortable with in the event that you are unable to advocate for yourself.

Our firm is here to assist you in finding the legal solutions you need to age and pass on your own terms and to preserve your hard-earned legacy. We also support families during estate administration.

Let Us Be Your Helping Hand

The sooner you plan, the more time you have to focus on what really matters in life. Reach out to our firm today by calling 512-847-9277 or sending us an email.